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The Bomb - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl

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Release Date: 23/01/2018

Discs: 1

The Acid have announced the physical release of the soundtrack for the film ‘the bomb’ on November 17th via Infectious Records. The vinyl release of the album will be 23rd January 2018

Hailed by critics, the bomb is an experimental, music-driven film that looks at the strange and compelling world of nuclear weapons. The film had its UK premiere at the Shangri-La area of this year’s Glastonbury and was shown as an installation on massive 360-degree screens that completely surrounded the audience, while The Acid played the soundtrack live. There will be various international live performances in 2018, the first of the year at the Sydney Festival on 23 and 24 January 2018.

The bomb was produced and conceived by Smriti Keshari (Food Chains) and Eric Schlosser (Command and Control, Fast Food Nation, Food, Inc.). The film was co-directed by Kevin Ford (Three Days, By the River), Keshari & Schlosser, with art direction by Stanley Donwood (Radiohead) and animation by The Kingdom of Ludd. The live installation was designed and staged by United Visual Artists.

"The topic of this film is very important to us, it's a story which needs to be told to a generation that needs to hear it,” says The Acid’s Adam Freeland. “It's been an honor to collaborate with some of our heroes on the bomb. It's turned into something even more powerful than the sum of its parts. Three people passed out when we premiered it at Tribeca Film Festival.”

Side A

1. Earth
2. Marching
3. The Bomb - Theme I
4. Accidents
5. Testing

Side B

6. Feed
7. Propaganda
8. Duck and Cover 2
9. Onyx
10. Clean
11. Modern Propaganda
12. Veda